AtPresent Editor

AtPresent Editor 1.3

AtPresent Editor will help you easily create interactive presentations,...

AtPresent Editor will help you easily create interactive presentations, simulations, demos, tutorials and so on. You can use next resources: images (.

gif,. jpg,. png), flash movies(. swf), text files (. txt,. html), audio files (. mp3). You can add next interactive elements and transformations: active area, key pressing action, text input field, hyperlink area, positive/negative reactions on user action, mouse cursors and mouse clicks, motion, scaling, rotation, transparency, animated text typing, screen scrolling.

Your presentations will be available for viewing in any browser that supports Macromedia Flash Player v. 6 or later, no any other plugins are required.

Presentation delivery features: each screen downloading control, screens ahead reading, real backward playback, navigation restrictions, independence from browser's window size,audio volume and playback speed control on the client-side, 5 skins included.

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